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Anyone know how green cards work across states?

2022.01.20 20:48 IzPCRM Anyone know how green cards work across states?

20 years old and I got a medical marijuana license while I was living in WA however I’m visiting NY soon and does anyone know if my license from WA will be valid in NYC?
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2022.01.20 20:48 Senior_Sail_9037 Sydney Sweeney

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2022.01.20 20:48 Longjumping_Leg5143 Something to spice up the game?

Been on the lookout for something like this. I’ve always played very vanilla in quest and some similar areas
I’ve considered stuff like INPCSs but it is a buggy port that conflicts with JK Skyrim and CRF. Populated lands roads paths is kind of nice but it is actually affects balance quite a bit because all the npcs carry hundreds if not thousands of gold and some very high tiered potions. I have follower mods, but I’ve already played with them a few times. Could get some different ones but I want something other than just a new follower.
Other quest mods like falskarr… all these quest mods will probably need an ELFX patch or else look weird and I usually end up not liking them anyway. I’ve played through a few just for a one time thing then uninstall but I kind of want a more permanent addition to my load order that’ll just make things feel a bit different and give me more things to do or look at. Any recommendations? Doesn’t have to be quest mods, just anything aside from gameplay or item mods really to spice up my game a little
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2022.01.20 20:48 LameName90210 My Food Bag fed more Kiwis over Christmas, with deliveries up 12%

January 21, 2022 at 12:45PM
By: TINA MORRISON , Stuff.co.nz
Demand over Christmas was the highlight of My Food Bag's third quarter trading.
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What do you think?
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2022.01.20 20:48 Mylaanne Looking for some sugar. Extremely fetish friendly (fisting, PSS, etc) kik neriinedreams

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2022.01.20 20:48 Sushi7723 [LF] Glb dokkan

[H] Decent mha, semi-whale dragon city, and mediocre glb dokkan (dm for pics) (willing to trade all 3)
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2022.01.20 20:48 Remarkable-Ad-3639 Update on “fake Levi jacket” situation. I had not responded yet, and then he rated me. Glad for the money, unsure of what to rate back 👀

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2022.01.20 20:48 InstructionOld2725 SUPERHERO IVAN ! I thank u for the movement. LFG. upvote it all

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2022.01.20 20:48 Episodestoryaddict A screenshot from my newest story✨

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2022.01.20 20:48 LameName90210 Invercargill building has been shoe shop for about 80 years

January 21, 2022 at 12:45PM
By: JAMIE SEARLE , Stuff.co.nz
A building in the Invercargill suburb of Windsor has been a shoe shop for about 80 years.
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2022.01.20 20:48 NPHiles Whitebeard at marineford

Sorry if this has been discussed before.
So I was just watching a clip of Marineford when Whitebeard sets off a tsunami, and I got to thinking. How differently would Marineford have went if he didn't do that intimidation tactic, or better yet, if he just aimed it towards the marines instead and did heavy damage before the pirates even joined the fight?
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2022.01.20 20:48 CanalTioStark Paper IRON MAN DIY

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2022.01.20 20:48 Optimal-Farmer769 Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame

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2022.01.20 20:48 Tevatron85 Just picked this up!

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2022.01.20 20:48 pleeher Australia

USPS has suspended shipping to Australia (some of my favorite buyers) and now I’m getting lots of orders from…… Australia! Craziness.
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2022.01.20 20:48 LameName90210 ILT Stadium Southland looks at prospect of filling festival void

January 21, 2022 at 12:44PM
By: LOGAN SAVORY , Stuff.co.nz
ILT Stadium Southland manager Nigel Skelt says they have moved quickly to look at ways to keep events operating while potentially operating in the red Covid-19 guidelines.
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2022.01.20 20:48 ACIERNO something something 4k

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2022.01.20 20:48 Bn10K I made another perfect classic omnitrix replica. I will sell one on my Etsy

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2022.01.20 20:48 thotteek Meg Turney Nude Pussy Yennefer Cosplay Onlyfans Set Leaked

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2022.01.20 20:48 drock100x Good Citation Generator

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2022.01.20 20:48 WhichEdge 100% way to know when the bull market is over - Part 2

Part 1 for reference:
And we have started to see the trends switch now.
It hasn't broke yet for the bulls but damn, we all know what we are seeing across the market. If these cracks continue this could be pretty damn nasty across the market.
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2022.01.20 20:48 Daemonbot Epic Loot mod enchantment effect list

Is there a list of what the enchantments from the Epic Loot mod do? I got a really nice looking weapon, but I don't know what executioner does.
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2022.01.20 20:48 Tenferno Destroy Lonely x Izaya Tiji Type Beat "Miami" *Free*

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2022.01.20 20:48 Dextixer Common community complaints about protagonists, and their basis - Yang Xiao Long

We have come to the last but not least, the Y of team R W B Y, Yang Xiao Long. As expected, Yang just like Blake is a character that is either loved or hated to a very large extent. In this thread, just like with Blake, i will focus on the most common complaints that are levied against the character, at least complaints that i think make the most ammount of sense.
Once again, i have to clarify that this does not make Yang a "bad" character or an evil one, these are simply complaints about the writting of her character that people have levied.
Well, on with the show.
Cut Short Quite suprisingly, the one thing i have noticed about Yang is how little actual arcs she has. In fact, until Atlas she has only 3, a surprisingly low ammount i would say. Or at least, it feels that way because of how her arcs are placed in the story.
One of the first arcs of hers that is set-up is of course the hunt for her biological mother, Raven. The hints and breadcrumbs of that have existed since Volume 2. The main problem of this arc became, well, i am hesitant to bring up, the death of Monty. I think we all remember the teaser at the end of V2 and how it went nowhere, mainly because from what we the fans could understand, that is a storyline that Monty simply did not share with the rest of the crew, or not the intimate details at least. As such despite the hints starting at Volume 2, the arc feels extremelly empty, hollow, without substance. It is spread out and it is short.
Then we had her home recovery arc. The arc in which she recovers from losing her arm due to Adam. As far as Volume 4 goes, most people have the same complaint about it. The arc was good, but it was too short. Not to a significant extent of course, but there has been a relative consensus on this topic for years now.
The last arc of course is in Atlas, and i would mainly focus on her involvement with Jaune and Ren, her conflict with Ruby about how to act in V8. As far as arcs go it was relatively well written besides a few key moments. However i think some of the success of that arc can be chalked up to the other members of the team, basically doing nothing...
However, there is one major problem that all of these arcs. In the end, most of them do not really go anywhere. But i will cover that in the next paragraph.
The P word In the case of arcs like Blake and Weiss, even with their problems they still had some impact on the story/team. Both Weiss and Blake grew with their arcs, Weiss especially. Blakes arcs, at least at the very start were the only thing that propelled the main plot forward. In the case of Yang however, that is simply not the case.
Her arc with Raven for example, in the end leads to, well, nowhere. Raven ends up being a character who is not very important, if we remove Weiss and Yang from her camp. Does anything really change? After all, the distrust with Ozpin subplot already had Jaune heading it, Yang doing the same does not really change the subplot, only the character propeling it. One could argue that V5 Yangs confrontation of Raven has importance, but even that could be done with a character like Ruby, banking on Raven still having feelings of friendship to Summer. Instead Yang confronts her. And while it is an emotional scene, Raven is written out after that and Yang, well, she never really cared about Raven, its Summer that is her mother, not Raven.
Her PTSD and recovery act suffers a simmilar fate, but not entirely. In the case of her character changing the recovery arc had a lot of good moments, learning not to rely on her anger, thinking things through more. All of that was great. The problem comes from, well, her arm. She does not need long to be proficient with it to a significant enough extent, the same applies to her PTSD, it is very "mild" in the opinion of some, or at least becomes milder with no treatment. I know that people will disagree but this is a matter of personal opinion i feel, not something that we can quantify as right/wrong. But there is this complaint that her V4 arc, or the effects that should come from it either come too fast or simply disspate when they should remain there.
In term of Atlas, she has a large disagreement with Ruby on the next course of action in V8, choosing to go with Jaune and Ren on their own way. This kind of team conflict can lead to great character moments from which the team itself can progress. But in the end it also goes pretty much nowhere. The disagreement does not lead to any new conclussions, or changes needing to be made by the characters. Yang is just "wrong" and that is it. Some people have questioned why there was a need for there to be a "conflict" at all when they could have just split up and do their own things in a friendly way.
In the end, its all about potential. These storylines had potential, but in the end they didnt go anywhere. These storylines could have been integrated better in the main plot or at least in the way to affect the characters. What if Yang needs to fight with one arm for some time because she is not good enough with her robotic one, what if she and Blake share moments with Blake trying to help Yang with PTSD due to her own experiences as a combatan who probably has seen comrades die. What if Yangs encounters with Raven lead her to appreciate Summer more and lead to more scenes between Ruby and Yang?
Lost Character A common complaint with Yang can be summarized as simply people feeling like she is losing character traits with no reasoning. I think we can all recall the comments/complaints from parts of the fanbase how Yang does not really feel like a sister to Ruby anymore, how she is not as supportive/motherly anymore as she was in V1-V3.
Yang from the very start was set-up to be an overprotective big sister. More than a sister as the story went on we found out that she even acted as a surogate mother for a time. And we got amazing moments coming from that, especially in Volume 3. Yang having a "proud" moment when Ruby commands the trainee huntsmen to protect beacon, Yangs break down together with Ruby, the hug. These things had a massive impact on us the audience.
But then it just dissapears. Yang is worried about Ruby and is motivated to find her, but in the end they do not share a great heart to heart with each other, they do not have a talk about how maybe Yang felt abandoned (A character trait of abandoment issues), and Yang seems to then prioritize Blake. This even continues into V7-8, i think the moment of Yang thinking about Blake after conflict with her sister was especially telling. Even the character of Jaune assumes that Yang is thinking about Ruby, because it would make sense!
As i have said with the character of Blake, i do not want to focus on BB, but i kinda have to bring it up i feel. I think so, and many people have shared this with me, but to a good ammount of them, it seems like the romance of BB simply sucks up all of Yangs character traits and focus from everything else.
Yangs abandoment issues matter when Blake leaves her, but when Ruby does so, they just do not exist. When danger is abound or even conflict, is it Ruby that Yang worries about? No, its Blake.
But most importantly, this could have been avoided i feel.
The main problem is that these specific traits were never vaulted. They were never gotten rid off in a proper way. Now imagine that in V5 after Yang and Ruby reuinte they have a scene together, where Yang sits down with her and tells Ruby that she is proud of her. That Ruby reaching Mistral is just one of the many examples that it is time for Yang to step back a bit and let Ruby grow on her own, like she did in Mistral. A scene like that would have prevented (most) of the complaints about Yang then focusing on Blake.
As an example of how people feel about these character traits i will give this:
Imagine watching an episode of the simpsons. He is sitting at his workplace and next to him is a box of various glazed donuts. He sits there for a while and takes out an apple from offscreen and eats it. Now, considering the show that Simpsons is there would be a punchline about now, but it just doesnt come.
Thats what it feels for people to look at Yangs traits. They SHOULD be there and she should be acting according to them. But she does not, with no proper explanation. To some this has even caused them to dislike the character itself.
All for One Now, this might be the most "controversial" of the points, but it is a point that i see often, more in the critical communities of course, but it exists in general too. After Volume 5 there has been growing discontent and dislike of the main characters of the show in some people. If not anger or hatred it is at least dissapointment or even lack of caring. It has reached its peak in V7-8 currently.
To a good ammount of people, Yang exemplifies and contains all of the qualities that lead to this fall of opinion towards the protagonists.
The homogenization of characters being one of them. As mentioned in the previous paragraph the characters are just losing their traits, the same thing can be mentioned about characters like Blake and Ruby, who lost parts of them seemingly for no reason.
This of course also includes what people have started refering to as "RWBY hivemind", where the characters dont seem like individuals. They all seem to be fully for one another, there are no really interesting dinamics between the characters and they seem to be hyping each other up more than having other serious interactions. It is also exemplified by Yang having a disagreement only to apologize in the end as if she had no point to make, when she did.
Feeling less like main characters is also another thing. IT feels like almost every character of the team could full on drive the plot forwards and be the focus of the show, but they just arent. It seems more like they are almost like the supporting cast for the characters involved with the main plot.
Conclussion That is all about i have in regards to Yang, some commenters will probably fill in more of their grievances or disagree with these complaints, all of which is fine of course. All i would ask from everyone is to stay civil, Yang is a character that gets heated discussions and i do not want them to be cut short.
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2022.01.20 20:48 KarimFF7 (Chad Ford) According to sources, the Pistons are pining for Jabari Smith Jr. if they land the No. 1 pick. GM Troy Weaver loves the idea of pairing him with Cade Cunningham

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