2022.01.20 19:10 hermanxyz !?

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2022.01.20 19:10 TopTableGame Packing in the extraction site

My dentist used some kind of a small cylinder packing and also some gauze to seal it in- the gauze he told me would turn into gel-
The dentist told me that the little cylinders are very expensive and that most dental offices do not use them. He told me he pretty much only uses them for smokers to prevent dry socket.
Anyone know what these little gauze cylinders are called? He said something along the lines of Collett or something but I have had no luck in researching them
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2022.01.20 19:10 Zeus494 Marlon Moraes joins Tiger Muay Thai ahead of his fight with Song Yadong on March 12

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2022.01.20 19:10 hmmvsc This song gives lithromantic vibes

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2022.01.20 19:10 squirrel2021 Can someone please explain to me why so many people are simping pederson so badly.

His career w-l-t is 46-39-1 (.541) Regular Season record. 2016: 7-9 2017: 13-3 2018: 9-7 2019: 9-7 2020: 4-11 Postseason record 2016 missed 2017 3-0 2018 1-1 2019 1-1 2020 missed
To me he looks like another Zimmer one fun and amazing season then average then terrible.
I'd much rather try something new and young rather than a old guy who has had issues with management in the past its literally Zimmer with a ring and fired 3 years sooner.
So someone please explain the me the massove amount of vikings fans simping for him
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2022.01.20 19:10 Avery_Lillius Transginger

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2022.01.20 19:10 SAG717 Who Has It WORSE?!

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2022.01.20 19:10 burtopia New Plans Question

Hey all, quick question about the new plans before I try calling a rep. I’m currently on the Do More unlimited plan largely for the connected device discount. I just got the email from Verizon about new plan upgrades and the summary page that I was sent to includes language saying that the play more plan now includes the 50% connected device discount. Does this seem true or is it some error on this page? The other language that I’ve found with details on the plans specifically does not include the device discount for Play More, so I’m confused.
I’m more likely to use the streaming services from that plan as a bonus compared to the travel allowances and Verizon cloud. I’ve attached a screenshot of the page that the email sent me to:
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2022.01.20 19:10 aluminum-tinCan “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” -Robert H. Schuller

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2022.01.20 19:10 comingsoontoa Making some rap/lyric based t-shirts any feedback?

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2022.01.20 19:10 Maxine_Shaw This hoya crystal came to me as a two leaf cutting with no roots from Alaska three months ago!

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2022.01.20 19:10 a1phabets0up Grad School Interviews… is this normal?

I recently received my first grad school offer for a MSc program, but I was a bit sketched out by the interview process.
It was a 2.5 hr meeting. For the first hour, there were about 40 students in a group call and an admissions officer went over what’s great about the program, a few profs/grads presented their research. They also mentioned that the average year for the program was between 9-15 students, but this year had unusually many applicants.
For the next 1.5 hr, there was a breakout room for Q and A and also breakout rooms for interviews. Each interview is 30 mins and we’re each assigned a slot/interviewer.
Now here’s the weird part. During my interview, the prof didn’t ask a single question and we didn’t talk about research or the program at all. He introduced himself, I introduced myself, and we started talking about music, travelling, basically anything but academia. The prof was super nice and it was a pleasant discussion, although somewhat unnerving because of how unexpected it was. Then, the interview ended. Less than a week later, I got an offer letter.
Some background about the program, it’s from a decently reputable US school (especially in this field). The tuition is pretty insane at almost $70000 CAD per year for the first year and then a significant tuition reduction in exchange for TA-ship in the second year. This fact was also detailed in the offer letter.
So here are my questions. Is this a normal interview process for Masters programs? Does this program seem like a cash cow for the university? Given their (previously selective) numbers, I would have thought no, but I’ve the impression that the entire group of 40 students would have gotten an offer because the interview process was a bit of a joke.
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2022.01.20 19:10 6_of_hearts Turn your favourite picture into a beautiful string art work! I can make the whole work for you or I can send you step by step instructions to make it yourself :)

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2022.01.20 19:10 blablahreeeee going to rave alone?

My friend is being kind of flakey so i might be going to a rave alone. I’m a 22 year old girl, is this safe? based in the northwest. I’d uber there and back. I also want to roll on MDMA with it, hoping to meet people there
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2022.01.20 19:10 Whatiswatt Quick question for Aeron owners.

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2022.01.20 19:10 DarthVaderLovesU Where can I find positive stories about connecting with biological parents?

I found my biological parents a few years ago (and a brother!) and it’s been wild, but overwhelmingly positive. I’m still trying to figure out where and how they fit in my life.
Where can I find books/stories/articles/posts/etc that describe how people have dealt with this in their lives?
For example, my (adopted) parents live nearby and we have a great relationship. Bio parents also live somewhat close and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them. I’ve kept things slow and at a distance because frankly I have no idea where they are supposed to fit in my life. I’ve got kids, am married, and it’s a lot to figure out on my own. I’d love to hear how others have navigated this and the pros/cons they’ve experienced.
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2022.01.20 19:10 RC_Inpact Quick adapter

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2022.01.20 19:10 hacktheplanetCO Looking for recommendations for puzzle table(Amazon)

Received a ton of Amazon gift cards for Christmas and we are looking for a good puzzle table preferred with a cover. We have a cat and he destroys them so we wanted a table/board that we can store under the couch if we need the space or just cover if we want to keep Loki (out cat) away. I have browsed and read reviews but I wanted to hear actual testimony instead of possible misleading reviews. Thank you in advance
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2022.01.20 19:10 y_sengaku 「臨時休園のお知らせ」“感染急拡大”で保育施設の休園が急増

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2022.01.20 19:10 adrunktherapist Michael’s employee “appreciation”…(original post in comments)

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2022.01.20 19:10 midofloor next chapter:

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2022.01.20 19:10 DurableLeaf Watch "Nicky Ryan: Smooth Transitions in The Blue Basement" on YouTube

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2022.01.20 19:10 ezetterq Affiliate Link

Hey guys! I am working with a company called Moolah which is a google chrome extension that applies discount codes when you are shopping online! I have an affiliate link and would really appreciate any of you downloading it! I would love to support others' side hustles as well:) this is free and completely safe!

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2022.01.20 19:10 Renxer0002 US drops case against MIT professor accused of ties to China

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2022.01.20 19:10 _boltwow 🐕Vallhund Inu🐕

2% + 8% USDC Rewards, Trusted + Doxxed Devs, Rewards Dashboard, NFTs + P2E game! Whitelist happening soon!
The new kid on the block, Vallhund Inu is here to clear up the meme space with an honest team with good intentions for both its holders and the world. By rewarding holders with strong USDC rewards both on buys and sells you can expect an extra bang for your buck for staying by the man's best friend's side through the terrible cold of the blockchain through honeypots and rugpulls. The token will be launched on Polygon (Matic) to differentiate itself from the typical unstable BSC where every token bought is a shot in the dark, we want to change that.
✅ Whitelist coming shortly
🌳 Climate focused token.
🐳 Anti-whale measures to prevent dumping, MaxTransaction and Max Wallet.
🕵️‍♂️ Live Cam Doxxed Team.
🌍 Tokenomics:
🔄 100 Billion
💰 9% buy tax / 18% sell tax.
💸 2% / 8% USDC Rewards
✨ 2% / 3% Marketing
💻 1% / 2% Development
📶 0% / 2% Manual Buyback Protocol.
💬 https://t.me/vallhundinutoken
🐦 https://twitter.com/vallhundtoken
🌐 https://vallhundtoken.com
💻 https://discord.gg/Wfje6j5N
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