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Axie Infinity

2022.01.20 20:42 ElaineS22 Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity - Earn Money FAST with this Ethereum NFT Blockchain Game In this episode, find out how you can make thousands of dollars playing the Axie Infinity NFT game. The Human & Machine give a step by step guide on how to get started and stay winning. 🤖 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdm2uWvh3io
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2022.01.20 20:42 DogsAreCool69420 So sexy

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2022.01.20 20:42 mrdummeke I [25M] love my girlfriend [25F] to the moon, but we both feel we're growing apart

Hi all!
My girlfriend and I have been together since 7 years. We have known each other since the first week at Uni, when both of us didn't understand a single thing from the math professor and decided to work together on the assignments. A few dates later and we were a couple.
We've really had a great time up to now, and I love her more than ever. However, for the second time in my relationship I feel we're not aligned anymore. Now the story is actually quite ironic. Let me walk you through it. The first time I felt like this was in the very beginning of our relationship, when she was very ambitious and wanted to make an enormous career no matter what. She didn't want to settle before her 30's, starting a family was something for her early 30's for the earliest! I was a little bit more down to earth and just wanted love and a happy easy life, so we didn't match entirely there. We noticed that this was something that could get between us, so we both decided to work a bit on it. I started to get more ambitious, and she helped to point out my capabilities and what I could achieve if I just dared to aim. And she succeeded in that. At a certain point I was so insecure about my possibilities that I wanted to drop out of University and do something a little less theoretical. However, she pep-talked me through it and I graduated as best of my class. I'm currently working on an ambitious international PhD-project and like it very much up to now.
The 'problem' is that she also changed during that time. She didn't pass the mathematics courses and had to look for a study a bit more application-based, which she eventually finished. However, her self-esteem really took a hit at this point. After she graduated, she noticed that she wasn't on the top of the list of the head-hunters, again crumbling her vision of an enormous career a bit. Eventually she did manage to land an ambitious job with many possibilities to grow. The final hit was when she realized that her job doesn't make her happy, completely destroying the career dream. She is not unhappy there and likes her colleagues, but she is literally there for the money and nothing else. Instead, since around 1.5 year, she only talks about settling down in my hometown, getting married and starting a family. And she really wants to see progress on this, i.e. that she set a bit of a ultimatum that she wants to take the next step when I finish my PhD (1.5 years from now). Me becoming the ambitious person of the 2 would like to go abroad, work in different countries and really see how far we can get in life.
I love her to the moon and back. She means so incredibly much for me, and I would love to spend my entire life with her. It's just that I'm not happy with the idea of growing old in the city where I was literally born and spent the majority of my life up to now. I want to experience things together, take risks, meet new people, try to make an impact in my field, start a company,... All things that are a bit difficult in my small country-side hometown. My PhD was supposed to be my stepping stone for the rest of my career. I don't see myself settling down or starting a family anytime soon. It's not that I want her to just follow me around, I've also said that if she got the opportunity to go abroad for her company (this is literally a possibility at the company she now works), that I'm more than willing to join her on this adventure and that I will find myself a job wherever she goes. I just don't want to be able to project the next 40 years of my life at this point. However, she already mentioned that she does not want to take these opportunities and rather stays at the position she is now.
We've had a few heavy discussions about this the last couple of months, and today was the heaviest one of all. I am dead afraid of losing her, but on the other hand I (and she as well ) start feeling that at least one of us won't have a happy life if we stay together. I absolutely do not know what to do at this point. She is the most amazing girl and loves me so incredibly much as well. She's so beautiful, she makes me breakfast on bed all the time, tries new recipes for me, she just wants to take care of me. She has so much love to give, is incredibly loyal and she is so proud of me. I just know that I will never meet someone like her ever again if I let her go.
I would really appreciate your advice or your experiences. Thanks very much
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2022.01.20 20:42 ConqSpack New phone but I’m banned

So i got a new phone but im keeping the same SIM card. I have another snapchat on an old phone with no SIM card, so if i redownload snapchat on my new phone can i use that account on it? And will transferring my data from the banned phone to the new phone affect anything?
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2022.01.20 20:42 Ok-Jud Baby girl sipping wine

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2022.01.20 20:42 autumnnleaaves Where can I buy nicotine free cigarettes in the UK?

Hi, I’m trying to stop smoking by using nicotine replacement stuff (vapes and lozenges) and slowly reducing the nicotine content, it’s working quite well at the moment, but no matter how much nicotine I consume I always want to smoke a cigarette. The problem is, I’ll have planned a certain amount of nicotine I can consume each day in the form of lozenges (2mg at the moment), but then if the urge to smoke gets overwhelming I’ll smoke a bit and suddenly I’ll have had 6mg a day instead of 2mg. I know herbal cigs are just as bad health wise but I’m hoping they could stop fuelling the addiction, if I mess up and smoke a herbal cig instead of a normal cig I’ll have the same amount of nicotine as I would have done had I stuck with the lozenges. I hope that makes sense, I’m really tired atm.
Are there any decent herbal cigs available in the uk? And are there any added dangers with smoking herbal cigs as opposed to normal ones?
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2022.01.20 20:42 emjgphotography Toad

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2022.01.20 20:42 ethereal-ecstasy MBTI and Eneagram discord server

Anyone is free to join an MBTI discord server
Link: https://discord.gg/JsFCbsZH
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2022.01.20 20:42 Jamesinthemiddle High Queen Khalida Low Vs Ultra

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2022.01.20 20:42 HandsPHD Leaving French for Spanish

Looking for some advice.
Really hope I can get some insight on what I should do. I've been learning French since Covid started. At first it was a huge undertaking and very difficult but a lot of fun. Flunez is my favorite program and I'm nearing completing it which will leave me in an odd spot where I'll need to start using a tutor.
Flunez is not a well known program around here but I really love it and find it incredibly thorough and intense.
All that said, I enjoy French but within the past few days I've had two instances where someone was asking me for help in Spanish and I had no clue how to help. I did my best in both situations but there was a huge language barrier.
Spanish is not important for my occupation at all but it seems like something that would be really useful to use especially since I work in NYC.
French is a great language and the culture is really enjoyable.
I'm not going to learn both at the same time and I wouldn't completely abandon French but if I start learning Spanish, I'm going to give it 110%. I've tried to do this with French and it worked really well.
What do you guys think. I've always wanted to learn Spanish but the main reason now would be to actually use it in the states when needed.
I feel like a complete idiot when I can not speak or help someone who needs it.
In the USA Spanish is becoming more and more useful and wide spread.
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2022.01.20 20:42 Various_Disaster6353 Backrooms: day three WARNING SELF HARM

I wake not fully rested I spent most of the night half asleep. I thought about that hybrid the first time I killed (aside from asshole flies.) I start crying I drink the last of my almond water and get up.

I start walking again looking for supplies I'm no longer looking for the exit there's no hope left. I look around and I find some stuff better create a list 
x1 almond water
x2 canned something I don't speak Japanese
x1 medkit
x1 bandage x1 thread x1 needle x1 super almond water??? x2 Neosporin some hope now I just have to keep going. I found a piece of paper on it. it stated that "thousands of smiles appeared and slaughtered us. only a few of us left I write this as a warning if you see darkness and a smile is there run for the brightest area." Great more things to deal with I'm going insane this is a punishment this hell I need to stay sane my head is killing me I need something to distract me. I look at my arm and grab my knife I put the blade to my skin and slice. I start to cry in horror at what I did I walk forwards and find a steel door. the exit finally I pass out due to my emotions and exhaustion. 
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2022.01.20 20:42 Elegant_Monkey_Man All I want is a 1911.

If we could get a customizable 1911. I'd love it. Devs, if you're able to make this happen in the future I'd be a very happy boy.
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2022.01.20 20:42 DDronewar Everyone Is Wrong About Re:Zero

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2022.01.20 20:42 LevelInterest Really would like a symbiote event.

With antivenom, symbiotic Spider-Man carnage and venom and scream (mainly symbiotic Spider-Man and anti venom)
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2022.01.20 20:42 badbabiesNFT STAY TUNED FOT OUR THRIRD SHOT SOON! 😈🧑‍🦲🤑 🛎️Join Discord https://discord.com/invite/a5MKAKAYRj

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2022.01.20 20:42 Providence2020 My girl DUMPED ME because I didn’t EAT HER ASS

First of all, I’d like to thank you guys for NOTHING for your advice to me on my recent poll “Should I eat ass?”. I got home last night and she wanted me to do it, and I said NO. THEN SHE SAYS “I’m going to find a real man, were done”. THANKS FOR THE HELP ASSHOLES.
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2022.01.20 20:42 Xyron_Hero Giving up to 40% and above depending on heist members

Yes, just reply with your username, I'll add you, you don't need to do setups, I'm just tryna play the heists, no you dont need mic, and if it's only two people you can have 80% I really don't kind
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2022.01.20 20:42 Bigdawg7552 Mixing klonopin and Cyclobenzaprine

What happens when mixing the two? Do they provide a good effect with each-other or is it dangerous or will nothing happen at all. Lmk
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2022.01.20 20:42 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Victoria records 18,167 new COVID-19 cases ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.20 20:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - City Hall is falsely claiming it can’t release damning report on Little Village implosion, groups say | Chicago Sun-Times

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2022.01.20 20:42 Rosolino351 [FOR HIRE] Doing custom block art like these! Feel free to message me ,open to doing almost anything

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2022.01.20 20:42 dorzasegna Amazon Whole Foods Promo Code

Here is the Amazon Whole Foods Promo Code
Discover best page to find Amazon coupon code. Claim your Amazon promo code up to 50% OFF. Find more discount codes and deals on this page.
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2022.01.20 20:42 ThanksNecessary32 Just saw my surgeon, he’s very blunt and intimidating lol. Anyways! I thought I was making well enough progress for 3 weeks (100° flexion & -5° extension) however, he doesn’t think my flexion is good enough still. He said 3 more weeks to reach 120 or I’ll need surgery again. Feeling: discouraged :(

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2022.01.20 20:42 dirrtyremixes Kolleyio, Juliana - Serenity [FA149]

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2022.01.20 20:42 2665jeff TRACK 2-WEEKLY VIBE- Bigsleep|EYERAP|V Cipher|Finaleyez|Harris Hearse|broke$chola prod.broke$chol@

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