pra quem curte pés ai 😁

2022.01.20 21:00 break-the-simulation pra quem curte pés ai 😁

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2022.01.20 21:00 jhx264 Has anyone ever set a meeting by cold email?

Seriously. I don't actually think it's possible to send a cold email and get a meeting out of it. I feel like the only way to get a meeting is to phone call set the meeting time and send an invite within 5 minutes of hanging up.
Even then you gotta send a reminder an hour before because why would any dm set a reminder in outlook?
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2022.01.20 21:00 coindicators Daily Top Discord - Online

Daily Top Discord - Online Daily Top Discord - Online
$PGX +2,688
$VIS +2,557
$SLP +2,123
$AXS +2,123
$CHMB +1,681 provides big data analysis based on multiple indicators for over 10.800 cryptocurrencies 🚀! Use our website to discover 🔥 and 📈 cryptocurrency!
More on Like and Retweet on Follow our Telegram group for more updates
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2022.01.20 21:00 fishyfishyfish1 Parts of Texas will go from 80 degrees and sunny to an ice storm in 36 hours

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2022.01.20 21:00 RedditReadsBot The Love Story of Missy Carmichael by Beth Morrey [Romance](2020)

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2022.01.20 21:00 Artoricle Anyone else suddenly not able to cast HBO Max in surround sound?

A couple days ago my HBO Max app suddenly stopped casting things in surround sound. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Tried rebooting my Chromecast. Netflix does surround just fine still. HBO Max is only stereo. Anyone else having this issue?
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2022.01.20 21:00 Pure_Sample_1289 22 (M4T) Latino looking to get sucked by a trans or cd

Im 5’7, 154 lbs and live near memorial city mall, who finna get throatfucked, hmu ill send pics
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2022.01.20 21:00 BlackFlagHeathen92 I’m thinking FDE cerakote

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2022.01.20 21:00 Ciabhan-O-Connell does anyone know what this haircut is called?

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2022.01.20 21:00 Fantastic-Judgment-2 Some humor about Coke and bad news about it, and my second post of the day because posting too much here is better than posting in a less wholesome sub at least:

I find Fitz’s soda to be so sweet it takes me 3 days to finish a 12 oz bottle! No, that’s not a typo. When was the last time it took you 3 days to finish 12 oz of Coke though? Probably never, because Coke has chemicals that make it taste less sweet so you’ll have more of it!
You probably wouldn’t want to drink a whole bottle of Fitz’s soda in a day. It doesn’t have the chemical that dulls down the taste of the sugar. You probably don’t even want to drink it in two days!
I have a sweet tooth so I drank the 12 oz Fitz’s soda in three days. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you will probably take a sip, brush your teeth, and pour the bottle down the drain like it’s dish water.
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2022.01.20 21:00 RollerDomeRegular both X1 boxes stuck on Welcome screen, troubleshooting page gives 500 error

both my X1 boxes have been stuck on the Welcome screen for a few days. the internet still works but the TV boxes don't. I noticed the TV issue yesterday.
when I follow the instructions to troubleshoot I get to a page to restart a single TV box. but then when I click "Continue" I always get a 500 error. I've tried the online advice like unplug the boxes for a few minutes but nothing seems to work.
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2022.01.20 21:00 Royotlic "The Unfurling", made in Apophysis

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2022.01.20 21:00 GoatimusMaximonuss New bugs post latest patch (Xbox) on Extreme campaign

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2022.01.20 21:00 Jaamac2025 The sick audacity, chutzpah of American born & bred, Seattle native Zionist Hasbarist, propagandist calling Palestinians aren’t native

The sick audacity, chutzpah of American born & bred, Seattle native Zionist Hasbarist, propagandist calling Palestinians aren’t native submitted by Jaamac2025 to Palestine [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 21:00 RLCD-Bot [Saffron Octane] [Saffron Octane: CRL Northern] [Pink Enchanter] [Black Stern]

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2022.01.20 21:00 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 5 votes

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2022.01.20 21:00 Nxrutox Wuts y’all option on this.

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2022.01.20 21:00 shuvammax ✨ Metaverse Doge ✨ | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential ✨

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!✨
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
- Daily Posts On Reddit Cms
- Daily Twitter Posts
- Twitter Influence+rs
- Poocoin Ads
- Cmc & Cg Application
- Dextools Trending
- Group Shilling And Contests
- Meme Contests And Giveaways
- Bsc Ads
Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
Sell tax 11%
Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.
✅ Owner will video Doxx ✅
☕ NFT’S ☕
〽️ P2E Game 〽️
⚜️ 6% Buy 11% Sell ⚜️
SC 100 - HC 200!! Max 1 BNB!!
☣️ Link Buy ☣️
☢️ Contract Address: 0x1C60B63780F1Dd3274348a3B5CC42bfd4baf96C3
☢️ Pancakeswap:

⚔️ Website:
⚔️ Telegram:
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2022.01.20 21:00 zachbaum What legacy character are we supposed to go for who is better than Prince Eric?

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2022.01.20 21:00 Kaiju_Trainer Touchscreen or Motherboard issue?

I have a Mars Pro that's been boxed up in a shed for a few months and I've just tried to set it back up and its not going well. I got it powered up and leveled no issue, but about four hours in the print had failed and the touchscreen was glaring white with very faint icons flickering. Opened it up, reconnected the screens ribbon, still a flicky white screen. No worries, I remember where the icons are. Tried printing again, and the plate moved Up and starts trying to print in mid air. I tried to reset home but it only moved a few mm at a time then tried climbing right to the top. Now the touchscreen doesn't respond at all. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Could the screen be causing this or is it a motherboard issue?
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2022.01.20 21:00 Mawddawg10 10 days off high dose gabapentin, still bad anhedonia

So long story short, I was a recovering addict and got addicted to this stuff with phenibut mixed in on and off. I took a lot of baclofen with the gabapentin last Monday and ended up admitted to the hospital completely blacked out for 24 hours. it was enough to scare the shit out of my husband and everything was thrown out so I couldnt taper. I hadn't been off it since March of 2021 and was taking really high doses recently. First few days were just like opiate withdrawals and no sleep but now, 10 days later, I still have severe lethargy and anhedonia and my patience is wearing thin. I do not,no matter what, want to use this stuff again but lord none of the other times were near this bad!!! TLDR took high doses gabapnetin for a long time, stopped cold turkey 10 days ago and still feel like hell. Don't have energy and just want to be able to live life again. ANYONE RELATE!!??
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2022.01.20 21:00 Bow-The-Clown ... The Saddest Of Memories ...

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2022.01.20 21:00 wtfbtc_ Updated Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0018 BCH Weekly Median: $0.0010 BTC Next Block: $0.51 BTC Weekly Median: $0.32

Updated Bitcoin transaction fees:  

Source: Bitcoin Transaction Fee Estimator | 🚀
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Tired of paying high BTC fees? Switch to BCH 🎈
Don't have any Bitcoin Cash yet? Buy BCH & get $10 free 💰
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2022.01.20 21:00 shegobutsarah join

join group, if you want to chat with others
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2022.01.20 21:00 1misschevious1 For those of you who have had FET cycle canceled, what happened to the payment for the cycle?

If your cycle was canceled after monitoring appointments, did you pay a pro rated fee for the cycle?
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